This website offers a collection of resources and materials that Yogis can use for spreading Shri Mataji’s gift of Sahaja Yoga, as well as for their own personal deepening.  We hope you find it useful … Jai Shri Mataji!

With love from the Australian Collective.

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The resources and information have been grouped by the following sections. See the top menus to access each section.

Resources for Weekly Programs
Printed support material, chakra charts, handouts, presentations, CDs/DVDs and Photos to help present and share Sahaja Yoga.
Resources  for Yogis
Download Puja photos and publications for Yogis such as the Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book and the Australian Song Book.
Multimedia Resources
Listen to or download a selection of Shri Mataji’s videos and audio plus music and podcasts to share with your new people.
Other Sahaja Websites
List of other Sahaja Yoga websites specially for Yogis plus links to websites for new people.
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Using this Site
Important points to observe when using this website.

(Above are examples of the resources on this site.)

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